Tomer Broude

Prof. Tomer Broude

Past SICSA Academic Committee Member
Sylvan M. Cohen Chair in Law, Faculty of Law and Department of International Relations Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Acadamic Director at The Minerva Center for Human Rights

Prof. Tomer Broude is currently a senior lecturer with tenure and the Sylvan M. Cohen Chair in Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also the academic director of the Minerva Center for Human Rights (2016-present).
Broude's research is in international public law and economic law, particularly the World Trade Organization and regional trade law, dispute settlement, investment and development, and incorporating economic and human rights perspectives. He has taught international law at Tel Aviv University, the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Georgetown University Law Center, Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies, Bocconi University, Gujarat National Law University, the Duke-Hong Kong University Asia-America Institute in Transnational Law and McGill University.
Broude is the author of the book International Governance in the WTO: Judicial Boundaries and Political Capitulation (2004), and has co-edited several other books, including The Shifting Allocation of Authority in International Law: Considering Sovereignty, Supremacy and Subsidiary(2008, ed. with Yuval Shany); Multisourced Equivalent Norms in International Law (2010, ed. with Yuval Shany); The Politics of International Economic Law (2011, with Marc L. Busch and Amy Porges) and Law and Development Perspective on International Trade Law (2011, ed. with Won-Mog Choi, Gary Horlick and Y.S. Lee).
His articles have appeared in the Vanderbilt Law Review, Journal of World Trade, World Trade Review, Journal of International Economic Law, Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, Journal of World Intellectual Property, Goettingen Journal of International Law and the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal.

During 2007-09, he served as co-chair of the International Economic Law Interest Group of the American Society of International Law. He is one of the founders of the Society of International Economic Law and a member of its executive council. He has been a member of the International Law Association's Committee on the Law of Sustainable Development since 2005. In 2011, following a nomination by the Israeli Government, the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body added him to the indicative list of governmental and nongovernmental panelists to hear WTO disputes. He has also worked with the WTO's Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation, training government officials from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia in WTO dispute settlement and trade in services, and he regularly consults governments, corporations and nongovernmental organizations.



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