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The Center is primarily interested in providing a high-level platform within academia for understanding the historical and contemporary contexts of antisemitic prejudice, its occurrences, and its mechanisms, including comparative perspectives on other forms of discrimination and racism. Research at SICSA intentionally covers a broad spread of disciplines: history, political science, psychology, sociology, law, economics, literature, and the arts. This interdisciplinary approach means that the Center is able to act as both a material and intellectual resource for researchers, students, and educators.

SICSA activities encompass research projects, doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, a wide range of publications (books, monographs on current topics, a research journal, annotated bibliography), a computerized bibliographic project (click here), conferences, symposia, monthly seminars, and lectures. Its Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism (ACTA) unit conducts research on worldwide trends, focusing  with the aim of pinpointing serious potential threats; the resulting ACTA papers focus on changes in local, national and regional areas and their impact on public opinion, the arts, the mass media, and ideological and political movements.

1. 4 annual grants for doctoral student for the sum of 15,000 $ each. We are planning to offer year-long merit fellowships on a competitive basis for doctoral students at the Hebrew University of proved academic excellence (in their MA studies or between the first and the second year of their Ph. D. program), according to the criteria established by the Academic Committee and following the norms of the President Grants doctoral students for Academic Excellency Policy. The grants can be renewed for a second year.

Condition to receive the grants is to work not less than 3 days a week at the Center.

2. An international fellowship grant of 30,000 $ Post-doc fellowship / Junior Faculty. We are planning to have at least one post-doc grant or a grant for a  Visiting Junior Faculty from Israel or abroad. The grant will be conferred to a candidate who meets the criteria of Academic Excellency, who is working on major themes dealt with by the Center.

3. A mini seminar, each year, with a renowned expert in the fields of research and studies related to the Center's themes and interests (an option could be to share her/him in consortium with other Institutions and Centers at the University – The Fellows of the Excellency Program for MA and doctoral students in the Humanities as well as in other Faculty: Laws, Sociology and Anthropology, Public Policy, Political Science, etc.)

The seminar will part of the study curriculum and taught for graduate students,  for an honorarium of 5,000 $. The sum of the scholar’s honorarium will be 5,000 $. The Center will assume upon itself the cost of the travel and the hiring of the apartment (2,000 flight ticket + 1,000 $ apartment)

The entire sum will be of 8,000 $