Iván Zoltán Dénes

Prof. Iván Zoltán Dénes

Visiting Scholar Fellow, The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism

Iván Zoltán Dénes (1946) is a historian of ideas, professor, member of the Academia Europaea (London), initiator of interdisciplinary research into historical traumas, trauma management and regimes of memory at the Academia Europaea. He focuses on liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, national identity, historiography, political languages, private history and collective memory, personal and collective traumas, political hysteries and their healings.


He has authored 12 books, including 8 monographs, and edited 48 others. He has served as a research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1977-1997; Distinguished Scholar, Professor, Chair at the Department of Political Theory and History at the Faculty of Law and Pol.Sci. of  the University of Debrecen, 1997-2011; founder and chairman of the István Bibó Center for Advanced Studies of Humanities and Social Sciences in Budapest (1996-2012); editor-in-chief of the Library of History of Ideas (vols. 1-19, 2004-13), István Bibó’s Works. Centennial Edition (vols. 1-12, 2011-12), edited and intr. The Art of Peacemaking. Political Essays by István Bibó (Yale, New Haven & London, 2015), has edited and is editing István Bibó’s Complete Writings (vols. 1-3, 2017-19).


He was awarded by several distinguished scholarly associations and universities such as The British Academy, Fulbright Association, International Research and Exchanges Board, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, London, Cambridge, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Tel Aviv visiting fellowships, professorsips and scholarships. He is an elected and active member of the Academia Europaea, London since 1995. Currently he is an elected research-team leader of Henrik Marczali interdisciplinary research-team and a Professor of PhD School of Philosophy of ELTE, Budapest.


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