Inbal Levy

Mrs. Inbal Levy

Senior Secretary of The Vidal Sassoon Internatinal Center for the Study of Antisemitism

December 2006-Today: I have been working at the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism. In the past, my position was the Secretary and Translator from English to Hebrew and from Hebrew to English. I translated articles, lectures and cvs for the late Head of the Center, Prof. Robert S. Wistrich and documents for a research seminar for Mr. David Kroyanker. I also translated a large scaled International Exhibition of 25 large panels, entitled "Book, People, Land: The 3,500 Years Connection between the Jewish People and the Holy Land", text written by Prof. Robert S. Wistrich, sponsored by Simon Wiesenthal Center. This exhibition was first held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, later at the UN building in New York, then it was displayed at the Knesset, at the British House of Commons, and since then it is still displayed at parliaments and public buildings all around the world. In all of these translations, including the exhibition, I was given many compliments by Prof. Wistrich and Mr. Kroyanker.

As a secretary, I am in charge of the daily correspondence of the center, both incoming and outgoing mail. I also help organize events, I oversee sales of publications issued by the center, I am in charge of sending invitations to our events and calls for papers by email, and I help arrange material for the academic committee. I am in charge of the regular supply of our office. I take care of the petty cash. I also take care of the ongoing filing of financial forms and other kinds of forms and letters.

MA - The Department of Hebrew Literature, School of Literature, The Department of Translation, expertise in English and Hebrew Languages.

BA - The Department of English Literature and General BA Studies.


Contact Information

p: +972.2.5882494