Aviad Nahum

Mr. Aviad Nahum

Posen Fellow, The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism

Jerusalem born, I graduated from the Hebrew University after majoring in History and Geography. I am studying for a Masters degree in History. In this coming academic year of 2018-2019 I will be researching as a Posen fellow in the Vidal Sassoon international center for the study of antisemitism.

In my upcoming research, titled: The Rosenberg case and the Jews in fifties America, I wish to examine the role of the Rosenberg case, its vivid public discourse and the execution on June 1953 of the couple in the construct of an anti-Semitic hold in large parts of the American psyche. One of Jewish subversion during the early cold war era in America. I aim to deepen our understanding of the role of that concept of in the dynamic of Jewish assimilation in 1950s' America.

While contemporary early cold war historiography flatly denies the most part of Senator McCarthy's claims ,false evidence and methods the common view of the Rosenbergs, the only case finalized with capital punishment, is of the treacherous "atom spies". Howerver, Being able to deconstruct the 1950's spectrum of Jewish response, from the mainstream Jewish newspapers to the New York intellectuals, to that and to McCarthyism and anti-communism reaffirms and refines our grasp of the effect of anti-Semitism on Jewish assimilation in the sense of a multi-faceted and multi-lateral phenomenon. Having in mind just that, I argue that the Rosenberg trial and the communal self- regulation derived from it was a key component of the making of the Jewish American self during the early cold war and perhaps of its unusual success in many areas of life in America in the coming decades after.


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