Myth, Ethics, and the Foundations of Society: A Seminar on Levinas and Cassirer

May 8, 2019
Myth, Ethics


On Sunday, 5 May 2019, SICSA held an international one day reading and discussion seminar, organized by Prof. Manuela Consonni, SICSA's director and Prof. Arnold Davidson, SICSA's honorary fellow.

Myth, Ethics2

The Seminar was centered around two texts, Emmanuel Lévinas' "Some Reflections on the Philosophy of Hitlerism" and Ernst Cassirer's "Judaism and the Modern Political Myths". These two texts are of fundamental importance from both an historical and a philosophical point of view, and of ongoing interest with respect  to a wide range of questions about the ethics and politics of democracy.

Myth, Ethics3

The seminar participants discussed these texts in detail and to used them as a starting point for raising issues about the history and ideology of Fascism,  antisemitism and racism after the second world war, hospitality and democracy.

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