Projects approved by the Academic Committee for the academic year 2010-2011


Dr. Tarik Firro  (Ben-Gurion University)

Wahhabic Jewish Perceptions


Dr. David Kaposi (New School of Psychotherapy and Counseling, and the Open University of London)

Antisemitism, Israel and the Limits of Criticism – A discursive analysis of debates on 'New Antisemitism' and the 'Gaza War' in the British Press


Prof. Rotem Kowner (Haifa University)

Between the Hammer of Anti-Westernism and the Anvil of Antisemitism: The Jewish Community in Indonesia under Japanese Occupation (1942-45)


Dr. Peter La-Chapelle (Nevada State College)

Antisemitism and Henry Ford's Old Time Music and Dance Revival: A Study of Audience Responses to Culture and Hate Discourse in the 1920s


Dr. Filippo Petrucci (Cagliari University)

The Life of the Jews of Algeria and Tunisia after the independence of these North African countries: the birth of a new Arab anti-Semitism



Felix Posen Fellowships


Sarah Cardaun (King's College London)

European NGOs, Philosemitism, and the Combat of Contemporary Antisemitism


Dorit Gordon (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Flavius Josephus and Early Anti-Semitism: Jewish Polemic against Hellenistic authors who wrote on the Beginnings of Israel


Orly Rahimiyan (Ben-Gurion University)

Images of Jews in Iran in the 20th Century


Anat Vaturi (Tel-Aviv University)

Paradisus judaeorum? Asylum haereticorum? Protestants and Jews in Cracow-Kazimierz 1520-1655