Projects approved by the Academic Committee for the academic year 2007-2008


 Dr. Marl?ne Laruelle

Euphemizing Antisemitism: Conspiracy Theories in Russia's New Academic Disciplines


Dr. Catherine Poujol

Les Juifs et l'Eglise de France dans l'imm?diat apr?s-guerre. Combats contre l'antis?mitisme traditionnel (1944-1953).


Dr. Dov Stuchinsky

'למען בני האומה העברית': שנאת ישראל ואפולוגטיקה נוצרית חדשה באיבריה בראשית העת החדשה


Dr. Claudia Ursutiu

 "Jewish Question" in the Romanian Parliament (1866-1919)


 Second Year


Prof. Joanna Tokarska Bakir

Blood-Libel Myths of Sandomierz


Dr. Heidemarie Wawrzyn

Nazis in the Holy Land, 1933-1945


Felix Posen Fellowships


Julia Anspach

Antisemitism in the German Heimatfilm after 1945


Sariel Birnbaum

דמות היהודים במדיות אודיו-ויזואליות בעולם הערבי


 Lucian Butaru

The Racial Component of the Romanian Antisemitic Discourse until World War II


Hana Klamkov?

From Anti-Jewish Feelings to Antisemitism: Building a Racial Slovak State (1939-1945)


Wiede Wiebke

The Business of Discrimination; Sales Volume and Sales Conditions of Racist and Antisemitic Publications in the Weimar Republic.


Second Year


Ana-Maria Barbulescu

Jews and Christians in the First Six Centuries of the Common Era. An Analysis on Identity Construction, Alterity and the Relationship with the Other


Omhani Na?ja

Sionisme, Antisionisme et jud?ophobie en Tunisie