Projects approved by the Academic Committee for the academic year 2006


Dr. Yitzhak Dana (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

המלומדים הנרדפים: יהודים ולא-יהודים בחקר העולם הקלאסי בגרמניה במאה ושלושים השנים האחרונות (1870-2000) – רצף ושינוי

(The Persecuted Scholars: Jews and non-Jews in the Study of Classical Antiquity in Germany in the Last Hundred and Thirty Years (1870-2000) – Continuity and Change)


Dr. Ma?gorzata Domagalska (University of Lodz)

Anti-Semitic Popular Novel in Poland at the Beginning of 20th Century


Dr. Semion Goldin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

יחסן של התנועות הלאומיות באימפריה הרוסית בסוף המאה ה-19-תחילת המאה ה-20 ל"שאלה היהודית" – ניתוח השוואתי

(The Attitude of the National Movements in the Russian Empire at the End of the 19th Century to the "Jewish Question" – A Comparative Analysis)


Prof. Susan Mc'Reynolds (Northwestern University, Chicago)

For Those Who Can See: Messianic Anti-Westernism and Anti-Semitism through the Prism of Dostoevsky 


Pilot Project


Dr. Vincenzo Pinto (Independent Scholar)

The Cultural Code of Italian Anti-Semitism. From the fin-de-si?cle to the Second World War


Prof. Efraim Sicher (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

& Prof. Linda Weinhouse (The Community College of Baltimore County)

Under Post-Colonial Eyes: The Figure of the "Jew" in Postmodernist Fiction


Prof. Yaakov Ariel (The University of North Carolina)

Philosemites or Antisemites?: Evangelical Christians and Jews


Second Year


Dr. Nelly Las (Independent Scholar)

הפמיניזם מול השיח היהודי העכשווי: היבטים בלתי-צפויים של גילויי אנטישמיות

(Feminist Vs. Current Jewish Discourse: Unpredictable Aspects of Antisemitic Manifestations)

Second Year


Felix Posen Fellowships


Ana Maria Barbulescu (Bucharest University)

Jews and Christians in the First Six Centuries of the Common Era. An Analysis on Identity Construction, Alterity and the Relationship with the Other


Emmanuel Debono (Institut d'Etudes Politique de Paris)

LICA - Ligue Internationale contre l'antis?mitisme (1928-1940)


Omhani Na?ja  (Universit? Lumi?re Lyon 2 – C.N.R.S.)

Zionism, Anti-Zionism and Judeophobia in Tunisia (North Africa)


Flora Cassen (New York University)

"Looking Jewish:" The Jewish Badge in Renaissance Italy

Second Year


 Second Year

Recently Completed Research Projects


Prof. Brian Horowitz (USA)

Russian-Jewish Interaction, 1880-1913: Cultural Cooperation in an Epoch of Antisemitism


Felix Posen Fellows who have attained their doctoral degrees

G?ran Adamson (London School of Economics and Political Science), The Sudden Post-1968 Rise of the Austrian Freedom Party, Four Hypotheses


Semion Goldin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Russian Jewry under Tsarist military rule during World War I


Annette Seidel-Arpaci (University of Leeds)

Minority Experience and Self-Positioning against the Background of "Vergangenheits-bew?litgung" and Renationalization in Germany



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