Projects approved by the Academic Committee for the academic year 2005

New Research Projects

Dr. Agnieszka Friedrich (The University of Gda?sk, Poland)

Antisemitic Journalism in "Rola" from 1883 to 1909


Dr. Albert Kaganovitch (Independent Researcher, Israel)

 היחסים בין יהודים לבין מוסלמים באסיה התיכונה מאמצע המאה ה-19 עד סוף המאה ה-20

(Jews-Muslims Relations in Middle Asia from the mid Nineteenth Century to the End of the Twentieth Century)


Dr. Susanne Terwey (Humbold University Berlin)

The British Jews' Great War


Dr. Heidemarie Wawrzyn (Hebrew University)

Nazis in the Holy Land, 1933-1945


New Felix Posen Fellows


Flora Cassen (New York University)

"Looking Jewish:" The Jewish Badge in Renaissance Italy


Laura Katharina Jockusch (New York University)

"Collect and Record! Help to Write the History of the Latest Destruction!" Jewish Historical Commissions in Europe, 1943-1953


Jerzy Mazur (Brandeis University)

Jews in Ruthenia in 14th-16th Centuries. An Example of the Jewish-Christian Relations in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Poland


Raluca Dana Rus (Babe?-Bolyai University)

The Conflict in the Middle East in the View of the Romanian Public Opinion, between 1989-2000


Annette Seidel-Arpaci (University of Leeds)

Minority Experience and Self-Positioning against the Background of "Vergangenheitsbew?ltigung" and Renationalization in Germany


Second Year


Clemens Heni (Freie Universit?t Berlin)

Henning Eichberg – a V?lkischer Beobachter in the FRG: A Generator of Political Culture in between German Nationalist Revenge, 'Volkich' Anti-Universalism, Capitalistic Totality and Antisemitism (working title)


Jos? David Lebovitch Dahl (European University Institute, Florence, Italy)

The Image of "the Jew" in La Civilt? Cattolica 1850-1949


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