Projects approved by the Academic Committee for the academic year 2003-2004


New Research Projects


Dr. Yaakov Ariel (The University of North Carolina, USA)

Christian Evangelical Attitudes toward the Jews


Dr. Matthias Kuntzel  (Independent Researcher, Germany)

European Roots of Antisemitism in Current Islamic Thinking -Pilot Project


Dr. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Blood Libel Myths of Sandomierz


Second Year

Dr. Florin Lobont (West University, Timisoara, Romania)

Modernization and Antisemitism in Modern Romania: Continuities and Changes in Political Action and Culture              


Dr. Vadim Rossman (Independent Researcher, USA)

Antisemitism and Sinophobia in the 19th Century -Pilot Project


New Felix Posen Fellows

 David Lebovitch-Dahl  (European University Institute, Italy)

The Image of the Jew in "La Civilt? Cattolica" 1850-1949


Linda Maizels  (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

תגובות חינוכיות לאנטישמיות בקמפוסי מכללות ואוניברסיטאות בארה"ב

(Educational Responses to Antisemitism in College and University Campuses in the USA)


Rivka-Orli Rahimian The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

האנטישמיות באיראן בתקופת הרפובליקה האסלאמית (1979-היום)

(Antisemitism in the Iranian Islamic Republic, 1979-Present)


Second Year

Kati V?r?s (University of Chicago, USA)

From Nation to Race: Population Politics in Hungary (1867-1920)


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