Research Projects


Dr. Leonid Katsis (Russia) 
The Ideological History of the Blood Libel in Russian Orthodox Thought from `The Book of a Neophite Monk` to the Beilis  Trial` 

Prof. Andras Kovacs (Hungary) 
The Perception of Antisemitism among Jews in Contemporary Hungary: Results of a Survey

Starting with an empirical survey and interviews, the study will make a detailed examination of the present level and main aspects of post- Communist forms of antisemitism in Hungarian society. It will examine the connection of the present anti-Jewish prejudices with the traditional (religious, economic, cultural) stereotypes.


Dr. Hanna Wegrzynek (Poland) 
The Origins of the Blood Libel Accusations in Poland 

Pilot Projects


Danny Ben-Moshe (Australia) 
Holocaust Denial in Australia


Dr. Joel Kotek (Belgium) 
Antisemitism in Belgian and French Comic Strips (1933-2000)


Extensions - Second Year


Olaf Blaschke (Germany)

Rauch ohne Reuer. Die judische Haltung gegenuber Katholiken und ihrem Antisemitismus vor 1933


Philippe Oriol (France) 
Bernard Lazare and Antisemitism


New Felix Posen Fellowships

Katell Berthelot (France)

The Accusation of Misanthropy Formulated against the Jews during the Hellenistic and Roman Period and its Jewish Answers


Stephanie Courouble  (France) 
Denial of the Holocaust and its Reception in the Public Space: France, England, Germany, Canada, and the United States


Michal Frankl (Czech Republic) 
Czech Antisemitism 1879-1900, in the Context of European Antisemitism


Ulrich Bernard Herbeck  (Germany) 
The Bolsheviks and Antisemitism in the Russian Civil War 1917-1921


Max Likin  (USA) 
Engaged in History- Cecile Brunschvicg, Rene Cassin and Raymond Aron in Twentieth Century France


Jurgita Verbickiene (Lithuania) 
Jews in Society of Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Aspects of Co-Living


Nicola Wenge (Germany) 
Integration or Exclusion? Antisemitism and the Relations between Jews and non-Jews in Cologne 1918-1933


Extensions - Second Year


Dana E.Katz (USA) 
Between Privilege and Perfidy: Portraying the Jew in Fifteenth-Century North Italian Painting


Catherine Poujol (France) 
Aime Palliere (France 1875-1949), a Noachide`s Itinerary


Claudia Ursutiu  (Romania) 
Jewish Issues in the Romanian Parliament in the First Decade of the Interwar Period


Arkadi Zeltser (Israel) 
The Jews of North-Eastern White Russia between the Two World Wars (1917-1941)


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