Nimrod Amzalak (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Student Culture and Fascist Discourse During the Third Republic in France


Florent Brayard (Centre Marc Bloch, Germany):

Gerstein's Report: Production, Interpretation, Reception 1942-1997


Agnieszka Friedrich (University of Gdansk, Poland):

Boleslaw Prus's Attitude towards The "Jewish Question"


Dana E. Katz (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA):

Between Privilege and Perfidy: Portraying the Jew in Fifteenth Century North Italian Painting


Joanna Michlic-Coren (University College London, England):

The Myth of the Jew As The Threatening Other: Polish Nationalism and Society in The Nineteenth and Twentieth Century


Yael Orvieto (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

From Discrimination to Persecution: Italian Jews in Crisis: 1938-1943


Dr. Pelle Janos (free -lance writer, journalist and historian): 
Effects of the Anti-Jewish Legislation on Hungarian Society between 1938-1944 
Dr. Jonathan Judaken (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel): 
Theorizing Antisemitism: Confronting Modernity and Modern Judeophobia 
Dr. Victoria Khiterer (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel): 
Anti-Jewish Pogroms in the Ukraine, October 1905 
Dr. Vygantas Vareikis (University of Klaipeda, Lithuania): 
From Prejudice to Destruction: Antisemitism in Lithuania at the End of the 19th Century and During the First Half of the 20th Century 

Dr. Laslo Sekelj (Institute of European Studies, Yugoslavia and University of Kassel, Germany) 
Antisemitism and Ethnic Conflicts in Yugoslavia


Dr. Shaul Baumann (Israel)

The Attitude of the Eranos Circle to Jews and Judaism


Dr. Horst Junginger  (Germany)

Science and Antisemitism: The Study of the 'Jewish Question' and Its Academic Setting


Dr. Philippe Oriol  (France)

Bernard Lazare and Antisemitism


Dr. Yaacov Borut

Antisemitism in Jewish Everyday Life in the Weimar Republic


Dr. Jose L. Rodriguez Jimenez (Spain)

Extreme Right, Xenophobia and Antisemitism in Spain (1931-1982)


Prof. Oleg Budnitzkii (Russia)

Russian Jews between the Reds and the Whites:   Jews and Anti-Bolshevik Movement


Doctoral Thesis

 Arkadi Selzer (Israel)The Jews of North East Belorussia between the Two World Wars (1917-1941)


Anthony Bale (UK)

Authorities and Antisemitisms in Later Medieval English Narrative


Vladimir Lyubchenko (Ukraine)

Russian Nationalist Organizations in Ukraine, 1908-1918


Catherine Poujol (France)

Aime Palliere (France 1875-1949), a Noachide's Itinerary


Sandrine Sanos (USA)

The Fantasy of the 'Jew': Gender, Race and Antisemitic Discourses in 1930s France


Claudia URSUTIU (Romania)

Jewish Issues in the Romanian Parliament in the First Decade of the Inter-War Period


Nimrod Amzalek (Israel)

תרבות סטודנטיאלית ושיח פאשיסטי ברפובליקה השלישית בצרפת


Agnieszka Friedrich (Poland)

Boleslaw Prus toward the 'Jewish Question' (שנה שנייה - חלקי)


Joanna Michlic (UK)

The Myth of the Jew as the Threatening Other: Polish Nationalism and Society in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century


Extensions - Second Year


Dr. Anthony Kauders (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) 
Democracy and Antisemitism in Munich, 1945-1965 
Andrei Oisteanu (University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania) 
The Image of the Jew in Romanian Traditional Culture 
A study of ethnic images, reconstructing the image of the Jew as recorded in ancient and traditional Romanian folklore and myths, as well as in Christian iconography. The "Imaginary Jew" can be found in the evolution of Jewish stereotypes, and can assist in tracing the popular and religious background of modern antisemitism in Romania 

Dr. Victor Shnirelman (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Moscow) 
The Myth of the Khazars and Intellectual Antisemitism in Russia, 1970s-1990s

The research will explore the use of the Khazar episode as a Russian nationalist antisemitic myth forged to "prove" the Jewish anti-Russian plot. In the 1970s, the Khazar myth became and integral part of Soviet science fiction as well as a subject of ethnocentric Russian and Ukranian scholars who lean toward a "scientific antisemitism."


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