Mr. Mihai Ungureanu (new) 
Religious Conversion and Cultural Integration within Romanian Society at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century


Mr. Semyon Goldin (2nd year) 
Russian Jewry under the Tsarist Army Rule During World War I


Mr. Till Van Rahden (2nd year) 
Jews as Established Outsiders? Jewish-Gentile Relations in Breslau 1870-1918


Mr. Shaul Baumann (3rd year) 
The German Faith Movement and its Founder J.W. Hauer (1881-1961)


Dr. Yaacov Borut

Antisemitism in Jewish Everyday Life in the Weimar Republic


Dr. Silvia Cresti

The Perception and Discussion of Antisemitism in Jewish Periodicals during the Weimar Republic


Dr. Anthony Kauders

Search of New Order: Jews Germans and Democrats in Munich 1945-1965


Dr. Richard Millman

French Antisemitism, 1944-1958


Dr. Brian Horowitz

Antisemitism and the Struggle for Full Jewish Equality in Russia 1880-1913


Dr. Melinda Jones

The Role of Law in Overcoming Antisemitism in Australia


Prof. Benjamin Braude

The Image of the Jew in the Literature of Eastern Travel, 1250-1650


Dr. Anna Szalai

Jewish Characters in Hungarian Literature of the Ninteenth Century


Dr. Vadim Rossman (USA)

Antisemitic Trends in Contemporary Russian Socio-Political Thought (Since Glasnost)                                                               


Manfred Boecker (Germany)

The Antisemitism of the Radical Right during the Spanish Second Republic (1931-1936)


Achim Detmers (Germany)

Calvin, Reformation and Judaism


Albert Kaganovich

יחס השלטון הצארי ליהודים בוכארים ומעמדם המשפטי בתורכסטאן בשנים 1917-1868


Eva Maria Kaffanke (Germany)

The German Redeemer. Representations of Christ around 1900 in a 'Volkisch' Context


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