Meir Amor (University of Toronto)

  • Violent Ethnocentrism: A Comparative Analysis of Pariahood

Henrik Bachner (Uppsala University)

  • Antisemitism in Contemporary Sweden

Shaul Baumann (Hebrew University)

  • The German Faith Movement and its Founder Jakob Wilhem Hauer (1881-1962)

Vera Ebels-Dolanova (Holland)

  • Antisemitism and Philosemitism in Postwar Czechoslovakia

Semyon Goldin (Hebrew University )

  • Russian Jewry under Czarist Army Rule during the First World War

Yehudit Kalik (Hebrew University)

  • The Catholic Church and the Jews in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Age of Counter-Reformation

Catherine Kropp (St John's College, Cambridge)

  • A Comparative Municipal History of Berlin, London, and Vienna from 1860 to 1914, in Respect to the Evolution of Antisemitism

Laura Miller (Loughborough University)

  • Ideology and Strategy of Contemporary Fascist Movements in the UK

Richard Mitten (King's College, Cambridge)

  • The "Jewish Question" in Postwar Austria: A History of Silences?

Till van Rahden (Universitaet Bielefeld)

  • Jews as Established Outsiders? Jewish-Gentile Relations in Breslau, 1870-1918 


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