Sara Airoldi

Dr. Sara Airoldi

Posen Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism

Dr. Sara Airoldi earned a Phd in History at the State University of Milan in 2016. Her dissertation, entitled Nazione in patria - Gli ebrei italiani e la sfida dell’identità 1918-1938 (Nation within motherland. Italian Jews and the challenge of identity) deals with the Zionist debate on the “question of identity” in Italy under the fascist regime. She is a member of the research group The Venice Ghetto Collaboration: place-based memory in the XXI century, based at the University of California Santa Cruz. Her publications deal with the intellectual history of Zionism in Italy (e.g Practices of cultural nationalism. Alfonso Pacifici and the Jewish Cultural Renaissance in Italy 1910-1916, in «Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History», Portraits of Italian Jewish Life (1800s-1900s), n. 8, November 2015) and with the relationship between Jewish nationalism and Italian political thought (e. g Alfonso Pacifici: Judaism, Zionism and liberalism under the fascist regime (1924-1934), in The New Italy and the Jews. From Massimo D’Azeglio to Primo Levi, «Annali di Italianistica», n. 38, eds. Scott Lerner, Jonathan Druker ,forthcoming in December 2017). At the Vidal Sasson International Center for the study of Anti-Semitism she will work on a project entitled Ambivalent liberalism: Benedetto Croce and the Jewish Question in Italy 1903-1952, which examines the elaboration and the perpetuation of anti-Jewish topoi in liberal political thought in Italy in the first half of the XX century. 


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