Seminars on Research

Our academic seminars allow for the exchange of ideas, information, and research methodology between researchers working in diverse areas. Seminars on research have been taking place since the Center's inception. On the average, a seminar per month is scheduled during the academic year.

    Research Seminars 1995-1996

  1. Dr. Simon Epstein (The Vidal Sassoon Center, Hebrew University)
    The Roots of the Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Face of Antisemitism: Three Cases (November 20, 1995)

  2. Shaul Bauman (Hebrew University
    The "Voelkische" Movements as Precursors of Racist Antisemitism in Germany (December 18, 1995

  3. Prof. Sergei Lezov (The Russian University for Humanities, Moscow)
    "The Jewish Question" in Russian Intellectual Life, 1985-1995 (January 22, 1996)

  4. Dr. Angelica Timm (Berlin University)
    The Impact of the Slanski Trial on East Germany (March 18, 1996)

  5. Ms. Sari Rueveni (Hebrew University)
    The Growth of Antisemitism in Liberal Regimes in Hungary in the Past and in the Present (April 29, 1996)

  6. Prof. Phyllis Albert (Harvard University)
    Ideological Influences on French Jewish Leadership after World War II (May 20, 1996)

  7. Ms. Yehudit Kalik (Hebrew University)
    Antisemitism and Anti-Judaism of the Church in the Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania (June 10, 1996)
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