Prof. Robert S. Wistrich

A Lethal Obsession:

Antisemitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad

Darren O'Brien

The Pinnacle of Hatred:

The Blood Libel and the Jews


Robert Wistrich

From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, The Jews and Israel

Antisemitism International:

An Annual Research Journal



Posen Papers in Contemporary Antisemitism No. 14


Michael Sharnoff

Defining the Enemy as Israel, Zionist, Neo-Nazi or Jewish: The Propaganda War in Nasser's Egypt, 1952-1967



Posen Papers in Contemporary Antisemitism No. 13


Robert Wistrich

From Blood Libel to Boycott: Changing Faces of British Antisemitism



Posen Papers in Contemporary Antisemitism. no. 12


 Menahem Milson

A European Plot on the Arab Stage


ACTA Publication No. 35


Martina L. Weisz

The Other Mirror: Spanish Newspapers and Anti-Jewish Mythology (1977-2006)


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  • Posen Papers

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    THE STUDY CIRCLE ON WORLD JEWRY. Series 14, 1984-85, Yehuda Bauer, ed. Jerusalem: SICSA and ICJ, 1985. (English and Hebrew)

    • No. 1 - Yehuda Bauer, Antisemitism Today: Myth and Reality. abstract

    • No. 2 - Shmuel Ettinger, Antisemitism after the Six-Day War. abstract

    • No. 3 - Yisrael Gutman, Denying the Holocaust.  abstract

    • No. 4 - Robert S. Wistrich, Anti-Zionism as an Expression of Antisemitism in Recent Years. abstract

    • No. 5 - Franklin H. Littell, American Protestantism and Antisemitism. abstract

    • No. 6 - Emmanuel Sivan, Islamic Fundamentalism and Antisemitism. abstract

    • No. 7 - Haim Avni, Antisemitism under Democratic and Dictatorial Regimes: The Experience of Latin American Jewry

    • No. 8 - Aviezer Ravitsky, The Phenomenon of Kahanism: Consciousness and Political Reality

    • No. 9 - Zeev Sternhell, Antisemitism and the Right in France


    • Antisemitism International 2003

    Robert S .Wistrich: Totalitarian Antisemitism:  A Global Menace, pg. 13

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    Zvi Mazel: Hatred and Antisemitism in the Egyptian Press, pg. 32

    Judith Elizur: How David Became Goliath: The Demonization of Israel’s Image,1948-2003, pg. 41

    Margaret Brearley: Bi-focal Vision: Israel and the Intifada in the British Press, pg. 47

    Simcha Epstein: Anti-Jewish Violence in Western Countries since 2000: An Initial Assessment, pg. 54

    Leon Volovici: Teaching and Learning about Antisemitism in Romania, pg. 59

    Robert S .Wistrich:  Antisemitism in Europe Today Address to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), 19 June 2003, pg.  62

    Roger Bolton: Blame and Shame: the Making of a TV Documentary, pg. 83

    Alifa Saadya: Antisemitism Watch among the Bloggers, pg. 85


    • Antisemitism International 2004

    Robert Wistrich: A War of Civilizations? Reflections on 9/11, pg. 5

    Robert S .Wistrich: Pius XII and the Shoah, pg. 10

    Yaakov Ariel: Backward Christian Soldiers: The Passion of the Christ and Interfaith Reconciliation, pg. 23

    Hillel Tryster:  “We have ways of making you believe...”: The Eichmann Trial as Seen in The Specialist,  pg. 34

    Matthias Küntzel: Islamic Antisemitism and Its Nazi Roots, pg. 44

    Rivka Yadlin: Rider without a Horse on Egyptian TV: The Protocols as Vox Populi,  pg. 53

    Simcha Epstein: The Nine Children of Abu Ali:French Press Blunders and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, pg. 61

    Henrik Bachner: Antisemitic Motifs in the Swedish Debate on Israel: 1982 and 2000-2002, pg.  72

    Douglas Kirsner: Condemning Antisemitism: Resolutions of the Australian Parliaments, pg. 79

    • Antisemitism International 2005-6

    Other Publications

    • Shnirelman, Victor A.: The Myth of the Khazars and Intellectual Antisemitism in Russia, 1970s-1990s. Jerusalem: Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Hebrew University, 2002. 200 pp.

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    • Patterns of Prejudice. 27, 1 (July 1993); 27, 2 (Oct 1993).

      "Special Issue on Antisemitism in Europe, I-II: Selected papers from an international conference organized by the Zentrum fuer Antisemitismusforschung, Berlin, in association with the Institute of  Jewish Affairs, London, and the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, Jerusalem, in Berlin, September 1992."
      Partial contents: Part I:   Benz, Wolfgang: Traditional and Rediscovered Prejudices in the New Europe: Antisemitism, Xenophobia, Discrimination against Minorities (3-13);  Bauer, Yehuda: Antisemitism as a European and World Problem (15-24);  Lerman, Antony: Antisemitism and Racism in Europe Today: Some Problems of Research and Interpretation (25-29);  Pulzer, Peter George Julius: The Tradition of Austrian Antisemitism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (31-46);  Loewe, Heinz-Dietrich: Government Policies and the Tradition of Russian Antisemitism, 1772-1917 (47-63);  Yukhneva, Natalya V.: Political and Popular Antisemitism in Russia in the Period of "Perestroika" (65-70);  Karady, Viktor: Antisemitism in Twentieth-Century Hungary: A Socio-Historical Overview (71-92);   Jelinek, Yeshayahu Andrej: Historical and Actual Minority Problems in Czecho-Slovakia (93-105);  Vago, Raphael: The Traditions of Antisemitism in Romania (107-119);  Cala, Alina: Antisemitism in Poland Today (121-126);  Krzeminski, Ireneusz: Antisemitism in  Today's Poland: Research Hypotheses (127-135).  Part II:  Graml, Hermann: Political and Cultural Antisemitism in Germany [In the 19th century.] (5-11);  Erb, Rainer: Jews and Other Minorities in Germany since the 1990s (13-19);  Bergmann, Werner: Antisemitism in (East and West) German Public Opinion, 1987-1992 (21-28);  Stern, Frank: Antisemitism and Historical Consciousness: German Attitudes towards Jews and Israel (29-38);  Pelinka, Anton: Dismantling Taboos: Antisemitism in the Austrian Political Culture of the 1980s (39-48);   Sekelj, Laslo: Antisemitism and Nationalist Conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia [From 1918 to 1992.] (63-80);  Kovacs, Andras: Antisemitism in Post-Communist Hungary (95-101);  Varga, Laszlo: The Image of the Jews in Hungarian Public Opinion [On the "Jewish question" in post-1945 Hungary.] (103-118);  Schmidt-Hartmann, Eva: The Enlightenment That Failed: Antisemitism in Czech Political
      Culture [From the 19th century to the present.] (119-128).

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