Posen Papers in Contemporary Antisemitism


   No. 1

 Josef  Joffe

 Nations We Love to Hate: Israel, America and the New Antisemitism

   No. 2

 David G. Goodman

 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Aum, and Antisemitismin Japan

   No. 3

 Rotem Kowner

 On Symbolic Antisemitism: Motives for the Success of the Protocols  in Japan and its Consequences

   No. 4

 Manfred Gerstenfeld

 Antisemitism and Permissiveness in Dutch Society

   No. 5

 Robert S. Wistrich

 Antisemitism and Multiculturalism: The Uneasy Connection

   No. 6

 Margaret Brearley

 The Anglican Church, Jews and British Multiculturalism

   No. 7

 Melanie Phillips, Robert Wistrich, Isi Leibler 

 Islam, British Society and the Terrorist Threat

   No. 8

 Matthias Küntzel

 Unholy Hatreds: Holocaust Denial and Antisemitism in Iran

   No. 9

 Itamar Radai

 On the Road to Damascus: Bashar al-Asad, Israel, and the Jews

   No. 10

 Mark Weitzman

 Magical Logic: Globalization, Conspiracy Theory, and the Shoah

   No. 11

 Nelly Las

 Secularism, Feminism, and Antisemitism: The Islamic Veil in France

   No. 12

 Menahem Milson

 A European Plot on the Arab Stage

   No. 13

 Robert Wistrich

 From Blood Libel to Boycott: Changing Faces of British  Antisemitism

   No. 14

 Michael Sharnoff

 Defining the Enemy as Israel, Zionist, Neo-Nazi or Jewish: The  Propaganda War in Nasser's Egypt, 1952–1967

   No. 15

 Robert S. Wistrich

 Parallel Lines: Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in the 21st Century






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