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The "Other" as Threat... Scholars' Conference

In Memorium: Prof. Yehoshaphat Harkabi

New Academic Committee Members

Felix Posen Honored

College Theology Society Book Awarded to Ronald Modras

ACTA: Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism

Bibliography on Antisemitism Receives AJL Award

 International Advisory Board Approved for Bibliographic Project

Volovici named Honorary Member

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The "Other" as Threat - Demonization and Antisemitism

The Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be the site of a scholar's conference on The "Other" as Threat - Demonization and Antisemitism, to be held June 12-15, 1995. The conference was organized by the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with Prof. Otto Dov Kulka as head of the organizing committee.

Speakers from the fields of anthropology, history, gender studies, psychology, art, literature, and folklore will present papers. Although a primary focus of the conference is antisemitism, the speakers will also address demonization of the "other" as it relates to racism, genocide, and stereotyping.

The public is invited to attend the opening and closing lectures, to be held at the Litwinsky Senate Building, Mount Scopus, and a literary evening on June 13. The opening lecture of the conference will be given by Prof. Saul Friedl-nder of Tel Aviv University and the University of California, Los Angeles on Monday, June 12, 1995. He will speak on Europe's "Inner Demons": The "Other" as Threat in European Culture in the Early Twentieth Century. The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will host a literary evening on Tuesday, June 13, 1995, featuring Azmi Bishara of Bir Zeit University and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, the Israel playwright Yehoshu'a Sobol, and Prof. Sasson Somekh of Tel Aviv University, discussing Representations of the "other" in Israeli Culture. Prof. Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will chair the discussions. The conference's closing session on Thursday, June 15, 1995 will feature Prof. Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, speaking on The "Other" as Threat: Demonization and Antisemitism from the Perspective of the End of the Twentieth Century.

The scheduled speakers for the conference sessions are: Harumi Befu, Stanford University, Demonization of Humans and Humanization of Demons Benjamin Z. Kedar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Expulsion as an Issue of World History

Shulamith Volkov, Tel Aviv University, Redefining the "Other": The Enlightenment in search of the Boundaries of Humanity

Yael Feldman, New York University, Otherness and Difference as Strategies of Subjectivity

Yaacov Schul, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Why Do Stereotypes Stick? Motivated Cognition and the Persistence of Stereotypical Beliefs

John Felstiner, Stanford University, "All Poets are Yids": The Voice of the Other in Paul Celan

Alan Dundes, University of California, Berkeley, Why is the Jew "Dirty"? A Psychoanalytic Study of Antisemitic Folklore

Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Demonization of the "Other" in the Visual Arts

Henri Zukier, New School for Social Research, The Essential Other, the Jew and the Western Mind

Daniel R. Schwartz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Judaism, Alexandrianism, Romanism and Christianity: Antisemitism in Antiquity

Israel J. Yuval, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Christians and Jews: Shared Myths, Common Language

Hava Lazarus-Yafeh, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Judaism and Christianity in Medieval Muslim Thought

Ben-Ami Shillony, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Flourishing Demon: The Japanese in the Role of the Jews?

Laurence Thomas, University of Syracuse, The Matrices of Malevolent Ideologies: Blacks and Jews.

Steven T. Katz, Cornell University, Mass Death and the Limits of "Otherness"

Rudolph J. Rummel, Haiku Institute of Peace Research, The Holocaust in Comparative and Historical Perspective

Otto Dov Kulka, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Critique of Judaism in European Thought in the Modern Era: Historical Reality and Demonic Perceptions

Shmuel Almog, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Borrowed Identity: Neo-Pagan Reactions to the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Philippe Burrin, Graduate Institute of International Studies, The Jew as World Enemy; Demonization in Nazi Antisemitism

Richard I. Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Recurrent Images in French Antisemitism in the Third Republic

Yisrael Gutman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Popular Image of the Jew in Poland

Robert Wistrich, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racism and Antisemitism in the New Europe: The German Case after 1989

Wolfgang Benz, Technische Universit-t Berlin, Zentrum fuer Antisemitismusforschung, Antisemitism as Refusal of Historical Reality: "Revisionism" in Germany in the Nineties

Simon Epstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, When the Demon Itself Complains of Being Demonized: Antisemitic "Second-Strike" Responses to Protest Campaigns

Dina Porat, Van Lennep Centre for the Study of Anti-Semitism, Tel Aviv University, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion": New Uses of an Old Myth

In Memorium: Prof. Yehoshaphat Harkabi

The Center notes with sadness the death of Professor Yehoshafat Harkabi on August 26, 1994. Prof. Harkabi was a founding member of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism. A former head of Israel Army intelligence, he was later to embark upon a brilliant academic career as professor of international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Among his many publi- cations were Arab Attitudes to Israel (1972, 1976), Realism in International Politics (1983), Israel's Fateful Decisions (1988), and Will Israel Overcome its Crisis? (1990).

New Academic Committee Members

It is with pleasure that we announce two new appointments to the Center's Academic Committee.

Prof. Shlomo Breznitz is director of the Ray D. Wolfe Center for the Study of Psychological Stress, and holds the Lady Davis Chair for Applied Research of Psychological Stress at Haifa University. He has written extensively on stress and its clinical management. His recent book, Memory Fields (New York: Knopf, 1993) is an account of his boyhood years during the Holocaust.

Prof. Moshe Ma'oz is director of the Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Among his publications are Palestinian Arab Politics (Jerusalem: Jerusalem Academic Press, 1975) and Asad, the Sphinx of Damascus (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1988).

Mr. Felix Posen to be Honored

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem will confer an honorary doctorate on Mr. Felix Posen of London at the opening session of the 58th meeting of the Board of Governors. The ceremony will take place at the Rothberg Amphitheatre on the Mount Scopus campus on Sunday, June 18, 1995. Mr. Posen has been a generous supporter of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism.

College Theology Society Award

Best Book of 1994 was awarded to Ronald Modras for his study on The Catholic Church and Antisemitism, Poland, 1933- 1939 by the College Theology Society. An organization of college and university professionals in the fields of theology and religious studies, the society gives a single award each year for books in theology and religious studies. Prof. Ronald Modras teaches at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. His book is part of the Center's Studies in Antisemitism Series, now published by Harwood Academic Publishers.

Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism

New Occasional Papers from ACTA:

  • No. 5 Antisemitism in Post-Communist Eastern Europe: A Marginal or Central Issue? by Leon Volovici
  • No. 6 Antisemitism in the Internet System, by Tali Tadmor-Shimony.
  • Occasional papers in preparation: Volovici named Honorary Member

     On April 27, 1995, Dr. Leon Volovici, co-director of ACTA, was named an honorary member of the Fundatia Culturala Romana, a prestigious institution founded in Romania in 1990 to promote international cultural relations. Among the others honored with this award were the Nobel Prizewinner George Emil Palade, and other leading scientists and historians from the United States, Germany, and France.

    Terezia Grellova, executive director of the Milan Simecka Foundation, Bratislava, met with Prof. Yehuda Bauer, and other members of the ACTA and Center staff to discuss possibilities for cooperation between the two centers. The Milan Simecka Foundation promotes activities for the development of democracy, culture, and civil society, focusing on fostering understanding and cooperation between nations and ethnic groups.

    The Felix Posen Bibliographic Project

    1994 AJL Bibliography Award

    Susan Sarah Cohen, head of the bibliographic project and editor of the series Antisemitism: An Annotated Bibliography, will receive the 1994 Bibliography Award of the Research and Special Libraries Division of the Association of Jewish Libraries in the United States. The award will be presented at a banquet to take place during the 30th Annual Convention of the association on June 20, 1995 in Chicago.

    International Advisory Board Approved for Bibliographic Project

    An international advisory board has been appointed for the Felix Posen Bibliographic Project. The Center welcomes the participation of the following scholars whose valuable assistance will be greatly appreciated: Philip S. Alexander, President, Oxford Centre for Advanced Hebrew Studies; Nathan Laski, professor of post-biblical Jewish literature, University of Manchester; Jeremy Cohen, professor of medieval Jewish history, Tel Aviv University; James S. Coleman, professor of sociology and education, University of Chicago; Alice L. Eckardt, professor (emeritus) of religious studies, Lehigh University; Hubert G. Locke, Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Washington; Ronald Modras, professor of theological studies, St. Louis University; Ronald Nettler, Fellow, Oxford Centre for Post- Graduate Hebrew Studies and lecturer in Oriental Studies, Oxford University; Mordecai Nisan, Melton Professor of Educational Psychology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; John K. Roth, Department of Philosophy, Claremont-McKenna College.

    ONLINE Public Access Databases

    At present, the Felix Posen Bibliographic Project comprises three online databases containing about 20,000 items. Additional material is listed on a regular basis. The three databases are:

    - the ongoing bibliography (publications from 1984 to the present);

    - the retrospective bibliography (from 1983 and going back in time; it now covers the years 1978-1983); and

    - the bibliography on the -Jewish Question- in German-speaking countries, 1848-1914.

    In the first two databases entries are grouped in three sections: bibliographies; antisemitism in specific periods; and antisemitism in literature and the arts. Works on the Holocaust are included as part of the history of antisemitism in the twentieth century.

    Researchers and students dealing with topics related to antisemitism and/or the Holocaust, who do not have direct access to these databases, may contact our office for a search request on their topic of study.

    Access to Web Site (Home page) and Data Bases

    Increasingly, researchers worldwide are accessing information via international telecommunications networks. SICSA now has a homepage on internet with general information on our Center and its activities.

    From the internet - URL to:

    To access our databases directly

    Telnet to:

    username: SICSA; no password needed

    Teaching the Holocaust and Antisemitism

    Seminars for Educators

    July 3 - 26, 1995; Dec. 28, 1995 - Jan. 18, 1996

    These seminars, co-sponsored by the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism and Yad Vashem, are open to educators, other professionals, and the public. The course includes lectures by leading scholars of antisemitism and the Holocaust, films, and tours of Yad Vashem and other sites in Israel. Undergraduate and postgraduate credit is offered through the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    For application forms, write:

    Ephraim Kaye, Course Director - Yad Vashem, P.O.Box 3477, 91034 Jerusalem, Israel

    fax: 972-2-433511; tel.: 972-2-751641, 972-2-751-612

    Representative for American and Canadian participants:

    Dr. Karen Shawn, 570 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, NY 11230

    tel./fax: 718-941-5350 (home) * tel.: 201-567-8996 (work) * fax: 201-568-8327 (work)

    Representative for Australian participants:

    Prof. Colin Tatz, Director, Center for Comparative Genocide Studies. HPP, Macquarie University, NSW 2109

     tel.: (02) 805-8889; (02) 805-8822 fax: (02) 850-9=8892 * tel./fax: (02) 439-3107

    Applications for the winter seminar must be submitted by October 30, 1995.

    Choice Reviews the bibliography on the "Jewish Question"

    Quoted from Choice (April 1995) about The Jewish Question in German-Speaking Countries, 1848-1914: A Bibliography, ed. by Rena R. Auerbach (New York: Garland, 1994):

    "This excellent comprehensive tool includes more than 3,700 entries primarily of material published in German, Hebrew, French, and other European languages, with the location of the materials cited at the end of the entry."

    Research in Progress

    Dr. Jean Ancel (YV), Antisemitism vs. Nationalism, Romania 1942

    Dr. Benjamin Braude (Boston College), The Image of the Jew in the Literature of Eastern Travel, 1350-1650: Power and the Transition to Antisemitism

    Dr. Alina Cala (Jewish Historical Institute in Poland) and Dr. Ireneusz Krzeminsky (University of Warsaw), Antisemitism in Contemporary Poland

    Israel Eichenwald, Antisemitism in Czestochowa 1918-1945

    Dr. Gila Fatran, Antisemitism in Slovakia

    Dr. Daniel Gutwein (Haifa University), Antisemitism in England 1882-1914: Economic and Political Factors

    Dr. Oded Irshai and Dr. Aryeh Kofsky, Jews and Judaism in Early Christian Historiography

    Dr. Nili Keren and Dr. Yair Oron (Teachers College-Seminar Hakibbutzim), Concepts and Positions of Junior High School Students Regarding Antisemitism: A Comparative Research

    Dr. Jacob Kovalio (Carleton University, Canada), Between Idolization and Demonization: The Boom of Jewish Books in Japan

    Seminars on Research

    Dr. Shulamith Levy, Israelis and Antisemitism: Research Results (November 14, 1994)

    Dr. Simon Epstein, Reactions of French Jews to the Dreyfus Affair (December 12, 1995)

    Dr. Leon Volovici, Political Laws in the 1950s in Romania - Antisemitic Aspects (January 16, 1995)

    Dr. Daniel Gutwein, Trends in the Study of British Antisemitism 1882-1914 (March 6, 1995)

    Dr. Tamas Stark, Continuity and Discontinuity in Hungarian Antisemitic Writers after the Holocaust (April 3, 1995)

    Prof. Celia Heller, Jews and Crypto-Jews in Post-Holocaust Poland under Communism and Democratization (May 8, 1995)

    Prof. James R. Mueller (University of Florida), Anti-Judaism in Early Christian Apocryphal Literature

    Prof. David Rokeach (HU), Roots of Christian Antisemitism

    Dr. Vadim Rossman, Antisemitic Trends in Contemporary Russian Socio-Political Thought since Glasnost

    Dr. Leonardo Senkman (HU), Periodic Upsurges of Antisemitism under Democratic Governments in Argentina, 1959-1966

    Dr. Tamas Stark (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Hungarian Antisemitic Writings, 1948-1956

    Dr. Frank Stern (TAU), The "Jewish Question": Legacy and Revival in West German Political Culture

    Dr. Anna Szalai (HU, Rosenfeld Project), Jewish Characters Represented by Non-Jewish Writers in Nineteenth Century Hungarian Literature

    Dr. Slawomir Tokarski (European University Institute of Firenze), Evaluation of Jewish Economics and the Political Mobilization of the Peasantry: Antisemitism in Galicia 1867-1914


    The most recent monograph in the Studies in Antisemitism Series, Pamyat, Russian Antisemitism, and the Demonology of Zionism, by William Korey, is slated to appear in the summer of 1995, published by Harwood Academic Publishers.

    Dr. William Korey headed the International Policy Research for B'nai B'rith International, and was a leading activist on behalf of Soviet Jewry and human rights.

    The volume examines the historical roots of the Pamyat groups of the former Soviet Union, and the anti-Zionist, antisemitic campaigns of the Brezhnev era, as well as the demonology of Zionism which continued under glasnost until today.

    Nationalism and Antisemitism: The Case of Romanian Intellectuals in the 1930s, by Leon Volovici, a volume in the Studies in Antisemitism Series published by Pergamon Press, Oxford in 1991, has now appeared in a Romanian-language edition: Ideologia nationalista si "problema evreiasca" in Romania anilor '30, published by Humanitas.

    Felix Posen Fellowships

    A limited number of grants for postgraduate students whose research focuses on antisemitism are awarded each year. For further information, write to:

    The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus 91905 Jerusalem Israel

    Fax: 972-2-881002 E-Mail:

    Grants Awarded

    Ph.D. Grants

    Shaul Baumann (HU), The History and Principles of the German Folk Faith Movement "Die Deutsche Glaubens-bewegung" from Its Inception by Wilhelm Schwaner Yehudit Klick (HU), The Catholic Church and the Jews in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Age of Counter-Reformation

    Catherine Kropp (St. John's College, Cambridge), A Comparative Municipal History of Berlin, London, and Vienna, 1860-1914, with Respect to the Evolution of Antisemitism

    Laura Miller (Loughborough University), Ideology and Strategy of Contemporary Fascist Movements in the United Kingdom

    Jehudith Noach (Universiteit Utrecht), The Eternal Amalek: An Ineradicable Evil? The Psychological Roots of Antisemitism and Racism

    MA Grants

    Guy Maayan (HU), Antisemitism among Fundamentalist Groups in Egypt

    Congratulations to Shaul Baumann

    The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism wishes to congratulate the following Felix Posen Fellowship recipient upon receiving his degree.

    A master's degree has been awarded by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to Shaul Baumann, whose thesis was The Elimination of Judaism from Christianity in Germany at the End of the Last Century until the Attempt to Found a New German Religion in the Image of a National "Volk": Wilhelm Schwaner.

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