Antisemitism & Prejudice in the Contemporary Media


Tuesday, 18 February 2003


Opening Session

At the Litwinski Senate Building

Dalia Ofer
Hebrew University

Menachem Magidor
President of the Hebrew University

Opening Remarks:
Yitzhak Navon
Former President of Israel

Keynote address:
Global Antisemitism
and Totalitarian Ideologies
Robert Wistrich
Director of the Vidal Sassoon
International Center
for the Study of Antisemitism


Wednesday, 19 February 2003


Historical Perspectives

At the Maiersdorf Faculty Club


Session 1(a)


Gabriel Motzkin (Hebrew University)
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Old and New Anti-Jewish Stereotypes in
Western Europe and the United States


Robert Wistrich (Sassoon Center)

Breaking the Taboo:
Antisemitism and the German Media

Gilad Margalit (Haifa University)

Antisemitic Motifs in the
Swedish Debate on Israel

Henrik Bachner (Lund University)

Bi-focal Vision: Israel and the Intifada
in the British Secular and Religious Press

Margaret Brearley (Archbishops’ Council and London
Jewish Cultural Centre)

Anti-Jewish Waves in France
and the Jewish Response

Simcha Epstein (Sassoon Center)

A View from the United States
Gulie Ne’eman Arad (Ben-Gurion University)


Session 1 (b)


Old and New Anti-Jewish Stereotypes in Eastern Europe

Jonathan Frankel (Hebrew University)

Dealing with Prejudice and
Antisemitism in the Romanian Press

Leon Volovici (Sassoon Center)

Roma and Jews in the Polish Press:
Selective Stereotypes

Konstanty Gebert (Midrasz monthly)

Yitzhak Brudny (Hebrew University)


Session 2


Judeophobia in France:
Then and Now

Chair and Respondent:
Noah Klieger (Yedioth Ahronot)

The Secularization of Christian Antisemitism
since the Nineteenth Century

Father Patrick Desbois
(Comite episcopal des eveques de France
pour les relations avec le Judaisme)

Two Years of French Media:
The Highbrow Construction of Prejudice

Daniel Dayan

Israel in the French Media: A Personal View

Jacques Tarnero


Session 3


Antisemitism and Prejudice in
Multimedia Today


Menachem Blondheim
(Hebrew University)

Ethnic and Other Stereotyping
in American Entertainment Television

David Marc
(Syracuse University)

Websites of Hate: Overview and Update
Sara Grosvald

(Sassoon Center)

The Internet: A New Tool to Transmit Hatreds
Mike Dahan

We Have Ways of Making You Believe:
The Eichmann Trial

Hillel Tryster (Hebrew University)

Projections of the Holocaust:
A Filmmaker's Perspective

Alan Rosenthal
(Hebrew University)


Evening Session

at the Jerusalem Cinematheque

Opening remarks:
Robert Wistrich
Jacques Tarnero

Premiere Screening in Israel
(French, English subtitles)
Directors: Jacques Tarnero & Philippe Bensoussan

Panel Discussion:
The New Antisemitism in the Media:
European and Israeli Perspectives

Gideon Shimoni
(Hebrew University)

Melanie Phillips (Daily Mail)
Fiamma Nirenstein (La Stampa and Panorama)
Eliahu Salpeter (Ha'aretz)
David Witzthum (Israel Television, Channel 1)
Yitzhak Noi (Kol Israel Radio)


Thursday, 20 February 2003


Media Representations in the Middle East

At the Maiersdorf Faculty Club


Session 4


Images of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Chair and Respondent:
Bernard Lewis (Princeton University)

What is Arab Antisemitism?
Menahem Milson
(Hebrew University and MEMRI)

Arab Intellectuals Reconsider Antisemitism:
Three Recent Public Cases

Yigal Carmon (MEMRI)

Reflections of the "Other" during
the Second Intifada

Mohammad Dajani (Al-Quds University)
Gadi Wolfsfeld
(Hebrew University)

Distant Suffering: The Coverage of Local Conflicts
by Global Media

Tamar Liebes (Hebrew University)


Session 5


Terrorism and Antisemitism
in the Global Media

Amnon Cohen (Hebrew University)

How David Became Goliath:
Demonization of Israel in the West

Judith N. Elizur (Hebrew University)

Radical Islam and the Modern Media
Steven Emerson
(The Investigative Project, Washington, D.C.)

An Islamic Combination:
Anti-Westernism and Anti-Judaism

Reuven Paz (The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya)

American Media Coverage of Global and
Palestinian Terror

Eytan Gilboa
(Bar Ilan University)

Yaron Ezrahi
(Hebrew University)


Session 6


Between Palestinians and Israelis:
The Church and the Media

Chair and Respondent:
Doron Mendels (Hebrew University)

Jews as the New Anti-Christ:
The Church of the Nativity Affair

Dina Porat
(Tel Aviv University)

Anti-Zionism in the "Electronic Church"
of Palestinian Christianity
Gershon Nerel
(Yad Hashmonah, Jerusalem)


Session 7


Old / New Anti-Jewish Stereotypes
in the Arab World

Chair and Respondent:

Yohanan Friedmann

Current Palestinian Perceptions of Jews
Danny Rubenstein (Ha'aretz)

"Rider without a Horse" on Egyptian TV:
The Protocols as Vox Populi

Rivka Yadlin (Hebrew University)

Arab Perceptions of the Holocaust
Meir Litvak (Tel Aviv University)

Mutual Images: Israeli and Palestinian
History Textbooks

Elie Podeh
(Hebrew University)

Delegitimizing the Jewish State:
Historical Origins and Political Consequences

Dan Schueftan
(Haifa University)


Friday, 21 February 2003


Confronting Antisemitism and Prejudice in the Media:
New Strategies

At the Maiersdorf Faculty Club


Session 8


Confronting Antisemitism and
Prejudice in the Media:
New Strategies

Robert Wistrich
(Director of the Sassoon Center)

Mass Media and Jews in America
Kenneth Jacobson

(Associate National Director, Anti-Defamation League)

Human Rights and New Anti-Jewishness
Irwin Cotler

(Member of Canadian Parliament, McGill University)


Antisemitism: Past and Future


Yehuda Bauer
(Hebrew University and Yad Vashem)