SICSA  International Conferences and Workshops

Neo-Paganism, ‘Volkische Religion’ and Antisemitism II: The Religious Roots of Stereotypes

Eberhard-Karls-Universitat Tubingen/Germany
27-29 October 1997

The workshop, organized together with the Seminaries for the Study of Religion and Philology of the Eberhard-Karls-Universitat in Tubingen, was a continuation of the discussions that took place the previous year in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University.

Papers presented by the Israeli scholars:

  • Holocaust Research: The Return of Antisemitism and Ethnic Stereotypes

  • Dalia Ofer
  • The Formation of Charismatic Stereotypes in Martin Buber’s Early Writings

  • Itta Shedletzky
  • Ernast Renan: Reflections on His Contribution to Antisemitic Stereotypes

  • Shmuel Almog
  • One of Those Who Paved the Way for the ‘Deutsche Glaubensbewegung’

  • Shaul Baumann
  • “Judas erscheint das Reich zu gewinnen”: Can Stereotypes of Jews and Judaism Operate as a Motivating Force for Action?

  • Yael Raz
  • Jewish Perceptions and Stereotypes of Antisemites and Germans

  • Jacob Borut
  • The Development of Images of Jews in German Cinema 1946-1997 (includes video tapes)

  • Frank Stern
  • The Religious Components of the Gypsy Image in the Christian Realm

  • Gilad Margalit

    Papers presented by the German scholars:

  • Classical Antisemitism - Tacitus’ Excursus on the Jews and Its Ancient and Modern Reception

  • Hubert Cancik
  • Political Discourse and Religious Studies in the National Socialist Period: The Case of Heinrich Frick

  • Hiroshi Kibota
  • ‘Volkische’ Publishers

  • Justus Ulbricht
    Modern Judaism and Antisemitism in Wurttemberg 1871-1938
    Martin Ulmer
  • The Formation of Religious Groups of Ex-”Deutschglaubige” after 1945

  • Ulrich Nanko
  • Sigrid Hunke: Europe’s ‘New Religion’ and Its Old Stereotypes

  • Horst Junginger
  • The “Eternal Jew”: Antisemitic Stereotypes in Film and the Visual Arts in Germany at the Turn of the Century

  • Karin Bruns
    In addition, a public lecture was delivered by Shmuel Almog entitled: 
    Der “Nichtjudische Jude.” Die Geschichte einer radikalen Typologie


    Shaul Baumann, a participant,  writes his impression of the conference.


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