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October 1999--September 2000
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SICSA Calendar of Events
October 1999--September 2000

Colloquium: Tuebingen 10-13 October 1999.
Voelkische Religionen, Paganismus, Antisemitismus im europaeischen Kontext. 
Participants from SICSA: Shaul Baumann: Mythologie, Weltanschauung und Ethik; Simcha Epstein: French Neo-Paganism in the Thirties: The Influence of Germany Antony Kauders: Church Reaction to Neo-Paganism Before and After Hitler; Itta Shedletzky: Vorwelt, Trieb, Erinnerung: Freud und Jung im deutsch-juedischen Spannungsfeld; Leon Volovici: The Jewified World: The Present Circulation and Metamorphosis of an Old Stereotype.Program
Research Seminar: October 18, 1999-8 Cheshvan 5760 - Controversial Approaches in Dealing with Holocaust Denial in the United States. Researchers: Prof. Susan Pentlin (Central Missouri State University), Prof. Shelly Z. Shapiro (University at Albany).

October 19, 1999--9 Cheshvan 5760 - Anna E Rosmus:Nazis and Jews in Passau: A Perspective of Local History. Lecture and Discussion
Research Seminar: 22 November 1999 -- 13 Kislev 5760 - The Defense of Jews and Judaism in Germany, 1871-1933.  Researcher: Dr Alan T. Levenson (Cleveland College of Jewish Studies)
Lecture: November 29, 1999 - Canada's Dark Secret: Jewish Refugees, Nazi War Criminals and Canada's Strange Response to the Holocaust. Prof. Irving Abella, York University, Canada. Chair: Prof. Dalia Ofer
Research seminar: 20 December 1999---11 Tevet 5760 - Jews as Undesirable Guests: Antisemitism at  Resorts in Germany in the Weimar Period. Dr. Jacob Borut (Yad Vashem).
Symposium: 29 Dec. 1999 -- Evening marking the publication of  "Demonizing the Other: Antisemitism, Racism and Xenophobia"edited by Prof. Robert Wistrich.  Harwood Academic Press for the Vidal Sassoon International Center. (Sponsored by the Dept. of Jewish Studies HU, and the Van Leer Institute)
Symposium: 3 January, 2000 -- Jews in the Face of the Rise of the Extreme Right in Europe. Prof. Shmuel Almog, Chair. Discussants: Dr. Simcha Epstein, Prof Robert Wistrich, Dr. Roni Stauber.
Research seminar: 21 February, 2000 -- The Legal and Legislative Patterns of the Extreme Right in Western Countries: A Comparison between the '20s and '30s and the '80 and '90s. Dr. Simon Epstein (Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism)
 Research seminar: 13 March, 2000 -- The Attitude to Jews in the Christian Liturgy of the Middle Ages. Prof. Amnon Linder (Hebrew Universityof Jerusalem)
Research seminar: 3 April, 2000 -- The "Antisemitism of Reason": Nazi Research about Jews and Judaism. Prof. Alan E. Steinweis (University of Nebraska at Lincoln).
Research Seminar:  15 May, 2000 -- The Leopold Hilsner Affair of 1899 and its Echoes in the Present-Day Czech Republic and Austria.  Dr. Peter Vasicek
Lecture and discussion: 17 May, 2000 -- Guidelines for the Study of Antisemitism in the Argentine Army. Dr. Cristian Buchrucker.  (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo).
Research Seminar: 12 June, 2000 --  Technocracy and Fascist Discourse in the French Third Republic:  The Hidden Narrative.
Mr. Nimrod Amzalak (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).
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