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The Retrospective Bibliography on Antisemitism

The retrospective bibliography is part of the Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism. Its basic structure and approach is similar to the ongoing bibliography, with the exception that it is not annotated. The listing begins with material published in 1983, and goes backward. The long range goal of the combined projects is to list all works ever published about antisemitism.

The listings are compiled mainly from the holdings of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem, supplemented by other sources. The works listed come from a diverse range of disciplines - history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, literature, art.

The bibliography includes works published throughout the world about antisemitism - books, dissertations, masters' theses, and articles from periodicals and collections. It does not include newspaper articles, reviews, and works of fiction, nor do they cover antisemitic publications.

The material is divided into chapter headings, which serve as an authority file online. There are three major divisions:

  1. Bibliographies and Reference Works
  2. Antisemitism throughout the Ages
  3. Antisemitism in Literature and in the Arts
The section "Antisemitism throughout the Ages" comprises the main body of material and is arranged chronologically, from the ancient period to the present. The modern period (1789-present), is further subdivided chronologically and geographically.

For the purpose of this project, antisemitism is defined as antagonism toward Jews and Judaism as expressed in writings (e.g., the New Testament, polemical literature, works of fiction), in the visual arts (e.g., art, caricatures, films), and in actions (e.g., massacres and pogroms, discriminatory legislation, the Holocaust).

The bibliography includes all works dealing with the Holocaust period (1933-1945) - i.e., on antisemitic ideology, policy, and attitudes, as well as on the Jewish experience (memoirs, memorial books, etc.). This is the only comprehensive current bibliography on the Holocaust.

Within the database, items may be searched by author, title, subject, journals and collections, chapter headings, and words. The detailed subject index is based on a thesaurus compiled especially for the bibliographic project. Within the subject index there is an option of searching specifically for geographical location or persons. Alternatively, you can search all subjects together.

All titles - unless originally in English, French, German, or Spanish - appear with an English translation. If the book or journal gives its own translation of the title, it is used as it appears. Otherwise, we add our own translation of the title, in which case it appears in square brackets.

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