This unit analyzes local and national changes, as well as regional influences on public opinion, the arts, the mass media, and ideological and political movements. The unit compares trends worldwide, pinpointing serious potential threats.


ACTA no. 38 (full text)

Mark Weitzman

Jews and Judaism in the Political Theology of Radical Catholic Traditionalists

ACTA no. 37 (full text)

Manfred Gerstenfeld and Orna Orvell

The Norwegian Government: Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Policies (2005-2013)

ACTA no. 36 (full text)

Eunice G. Pollack

Racializing Antisemitism: Black Militants, Jews, and Israel, 1950-Present

ACTA no. 35 (full text)

Martina L. Weisz

The Other as Mirror: Spanish Newspapers and Anti-Jewish Mythology (1997–2006)

ACTA no. 34 (full text)

Stephen H. Norwood

Antisemitism in the Contemporary American University: Parallels with the Nazi Era

ACTA no. 33 (full text)

Luis Roniger
Antisemitism, Real or Imagined? Chávez, Iran, Israel, And the Jews

ACTA no. 32 (full text)

Efraim Sicher

Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Antisemitism: The British Case, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2009

ACTA no. 31 (full text)

Ksenia Polouektova

Alexander Solzhenitzyn's 200 Years Together and the "Russian Question", SICSA, 2008

ACTA  no. 30 (full text)

Robert Solomon Wistrich

Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism: The Case of Bruno Kreisky,  Jerusalem, SICSA, 2007

ACTA no. 29 (full text)

Itamar Radai

From Father to Son: Attitudes to Jews and Israel, in Asad's Syria, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2007

ACTA no. 28 (full text)

Leonardo Senkman
Democratization and Antisemitism in Argentina: An Assessment, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2006

ACTA no. 27 (full text)

Gershon Nerel
Anti-Zionism in the “Electronic Church” of Palestinian Christianity, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2006

ACTA no. 26 (full text)

Shimon Kreiz
Stereotypes of Jews and Israel in Russian Detective Fiction, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2005

ACTA no. 25 (full text)

Danny Ben-Moshe
Holocaust Denial in Australia, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2005

ACTA no. 24 (full text)

Georges Bensoussan
Antisemitism in French Schools: Turmoil of a Republic, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2004

ACTA no. 23 (full text)

Robert Wistrich
The Politics of Ressentiment: Israel, Jews and the German Media, Jerusalem, SICSA, 2004

ACTA no. 22 (full text)

Jovan Byford
From "Traitor" to "Saint":  Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović in Serbian Public Memory. Jerusalem, SICSA

ACTA no. 21 (full text)

Joanna Michlic
Coming to Terms with the "Dark Past": The Polish Debate about the Jedwabne Massacre. Jerusalem, SICSA, 2002

ACTA no. 20 (full text)

Yaacov Ariel
Philosemites or Antisemites?: Evangelical Christian Attitudes toward Jews, Judaism, and the State of Israel. Jerusalem, SICSA, 2002

ACTA no. 19 (full text)

Michael Shafir
Between Denial and "Comparative Trivialization": Holocaust Negationism in Post-Communist East Central Europe. Jerusalem, SICSA, 2002

ACTA no. 18 (full text)

Anat Peri

Jö rg  Haider's Antisemitism. Jerusalem, SICSA, 2001

ACTA no.17  (full text)

Goetz Nordbruch
The Socio-Historical Background of Holocaust Denial in Arab Countries. Reactions to Roger Garaudy's  The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Jerusalem, SICSA, 2001

ACTA no. 16  (full text)

András Kovács 
Antisemitic Prejudices in Contemporary Hungary. Jerusalem, SICSA , 1999

ACTA no. 15  (full text)

Jose L. Rodriguez Jimenez
Antisemitism and the Extreme Right in Spain (1962-1997). Jerusalem, SICSA, 1999

ACTA no. 14  (full text)

Liudmila Dymerskaya-Tsigelman and Leonid Finberg
Antisemitism of the Ukrainian Radical Nationalists: Ideology and Policy. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1999

ACTA no. 13  (full text)

Victor A. Shnirelman
Russian Neo-pagan Myths and Antisemitism. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1998

ACTA NO. 12  (full text)

Laslo Sekelj 
Antisemitism and Jewish Identity in Serbia after the 1991 Collapse of the Yugoslav State. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1998

ACTA NO. 11 (full text)

Rotem Kowner 
On Ignorance, Respect and Suspicion: Current Japanese Attitudes Toward Jews. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1997

ACTA NO. 10  (full text)

Shlomit Levy: 
Israeli Perception of Antisemitism. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1996

ACTA NO. 9  (full text)

Gilad Margalit: 
Antigypsyism in the Political Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany: A Parallel with Antisemitism? Jerusalem, SICSA, 1996

ACTA NO. 8 (full text)

Simon Epstein: 
Extreme Right Electoral Upsurges in Western Europe: The 1984-1995 Wave as Compared with the Previous Ones. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1996

ACTA NO. 7 (full text)

Daniel Perdurant: 
Antisemitism in Contemporary Greek Society. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1995

ACTA NO. 6 (full text)

Tali Tadmor-Shimony: 
Antisemitism on the Information Superhighway: A Case Study of a UseNet Discussion Group. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1995

ACTA NO. 5 (full text)

Leon Volovici: 
Antisemitism in Post Communist Eastern Europe: A Marginal or Central Issue? Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994

ACTA NO. 4 (full text)

Herta Herzog: 
The Jews as 'Others': On Communicative Aspects of Antisemitism. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994

ACTA NO. 3 (full text)

Theodore H. Friedgut: 
Antisemitism and Its Opponents in the Russian Press: From Perestroika until the Present. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994

ACTA NO. 2  (full text)

Simon Epstein: 
Cyclical Patterns in Antisemitism: The Dynamics of Anti-Jewish Violence in Western Countries since the 1950s. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1993

ACTA NO. 1 ( full text not accessible on-line)

Barry Rubin: 
The PLO between Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism, Background and Recent Developments. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1993






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