A special research unit of SICSA
This unit analyzes local and national changes, as well as regional influences on public opinion, the arts, the mass media, and ideological and political movements. The unit compares trends worldwide, pinpointing serious potential threats. 
ACTA Occasional Papers
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ACTA is engaged in accumulating data on current antisemitism. Analyses are published as a series of occasional papers. The following titles appeared in 1993-1998:
  1. Barry Rubin: The PLO between Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism, Background and Recent Developments. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1993 - abstract
  2. Simon Epstein: Cyclical Patterns in Antisemitism: The Dynamics of Anti-Jewish Violence in Western Countries since the 1950s. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1993 - abstract
  3. Theodore H. Friedgut: Antisemitism and Its Opponents in the Russian Press: From Perestroika until the Present. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994 - abstract
  4. Herta Herzog: The Jews as `Others': On Communicative Aspects of Antisemitism. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994 - abstract
  5. Leon Volovici: Antisemitism in Post Communist Eastern Europe: A Marginal or Central Issue? Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994 - abstract
  6. Tali Tadmor-Shimony: Antisemitism on the Information Superhighway: A Case Study of a UseNet Discussion Group. Jerusalem: SICSA, 1995 - abstract
  7. Daniel Perdurant: Antisemitism in Contemporary Greek Society. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1995.- abstract
  8. Simon Epstein: Extreme Right Electoral Upsurges in Western Europe: The 1984-1995 Wave as Compared with the Previous Ones. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1996 - abstract
  9. Gilad Margalit: Antigypsyism in the Political Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany: A Parallel with Antisemitism? Jerusalem, SICSA, 1996.- abstract
  10. Shlomit Levy: Israeli Jews' Perception of Antisemitism. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1996 - abstract
  11. Rotem Kowner: On Ignorance, Respect and Suspicion: Current Japanese Attitudes Toward Jews . Jerusalem, SICSA, 1997 (In preparation) - abstract
  12. Laslo Sekelj: Antisemitism and Jewish Identity in Serbia After the 1991 Collapse of the Yugoslav State. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1998 - abstract
  13. Victor A. Shnirelman: Russian Neo-pagan Myths and Antisemitism. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1998 - abstract
  14. Liudmila Dymerskaya-Tsigelman and Leonid Finberg: Antisemitism of the Ukrainian Radical Nationalists: Ideology and Policy. Jerusalem, SICSA, 1999 - abstract
  15. Jose L. Rodriguez Jimenez: Antisemitism and the Extreme Right in Spain (1962-1997). Jerusalem, SICSA, 1999 abstract
  16. András Kovács:  Antisemitic Prejudices in Contemporary Hungary. Jerusalem, SICSA , 1999 - abstract
  17. Goetz Nordbruch: The Socio-Historical Background of Holocaust Denial in Arab Countries, SICSA, 2001. abstract
  18. Anat Peri: Jörg Haider's Antisemitism , SICSA, 2001. abstract

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