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October 2000 -- September 2001
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Updated May  2001

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Research Seminar

Goetz Nordbruch

The Holocaust in Arab Media: Reactions to Roger Garaudy's The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics

Contemporary Jewry Building, room 400
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

June 4th, 2001. Hour: 10.30 



SICSA Calendar of Events
October 2000--September 2001

Workshop: October 24-26, 2000. 
Jews and Antisemitism in the Public Discourse of Post Communist Eastern Europe
Research Seminar: 13 November, 2000 -- The Changing Face of Hate: 2001.
Mr. Mark Weitzman (Director, Task Force Against Hate at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in New York)

Special Lecture: 
November 22, 2000. Beit Maiersdorf Building, Room 501, Hour: 18:00 hrs.
An Unshadow Past, Building a Picture of the Past in German Childrens "Stories"
Participants: Prof. Zohar Shavit, Prof. Dalia Ofer, Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Dr. Gulie Ne'eman Arad.

Research Seminar: 11 December,  2000 -- The Antisemitism of Joerg Haider. Dr. Anat Peri 

Special Lecture:
December 20, 2000. Beit Maiersdorf Building, Room 505. Hour: 16:15
Paul and the Origins of Christian Antisemitism
By: Prof. John G. Gager (Princeton University)

Research Seminar: 15  January, 2001-- Political Theosophy: Esotericism and Anti-Judaism in the Wake of the Cold War -- Prof. Steven Wasserstrom

Special Lecture
January 17, 2000. Beit Maiersdorf Building, Room 502. Hour: 18:00
Neighbors Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne on July 10, 1941
By: Prof Jan Tomasz Gross
Discussion: Prof. Dalia Ofer,  Dr. Daniel Blatman

Research Seminar: 6th March, 2001 -- Strategies of Dealing with a Troubling Past: Jan Tomasz Gross's Jedwabne in Polish Intellectual Debate -- Dr. Joanna Michlic

Special Lecture: 
Beit Maiersdorf Faculty Club, Room 501, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus
Tuesday 27th March, 2001. Hour: 18:00
America, the Jews and the Rise of  Nazism. Dr. Gulie Ne'eman Arad
Participants: Prof. Dalia Ofer, Prof. Ely Lederhandler

Research Seminar: April 23th, 2001 -- Anti-Jewish Stereotypes in the '20 and '30 in the Soviet Belorussia -- Arkadi Zeltzer
Research Seminar: May 14th, 2001 -- The Extreme Right in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and its Impact on the Jews: A Historical Perspective -- Prof. Sandra McGee Deutsch
Research Seminar: June 4th, 2001-- The Holocaust in Arab Media: Reactions to Roger Garaudy's The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics -- Goetz Nordbruch  
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