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Annual Report

June 1999 Conference:
The Dynamics of Antisemitism in the Second Half
of the Twentieth Century
photos of the conference
Some Reflections on Antisemitism in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century  Dalia Ofer
The Aging of the Victimized Jew Shmuel Almog
Battle of the Titans Simcha Epstein
Toward the Next Century Yehuda Bauer, Sander Gilman, Norman Manea, Robert S. Wistrich 
Antisemitic Discourse in Post-Communist Eastern Europe: An Overview Leon Volovici
Self-Description and the Antisemite: Denying Privileged Access
Berel Lang
Convert or Desecrator? The Image of the Jew in the "Jephonias Episode” in Icons of the Dormition Alifa Saadya 


The Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism


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SICSA Annual Report, November 1998
(web edition, adapted from ISSN 0793-8837)

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