SICSA  Internatinal Conference

Jerusalem Post reviews the conference  

Paganism, "Volk Religion," and Antisemitism, 19th-20th Centuries

21-23 October 1996

    The Richard Koebner Center for German History, the Department of Comparative Religion, and the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, all of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, together with the Philologische Seminar and the Seminar fuer Religionswissenschaft of the Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tuebingen convened an international workshop on "Paganism, `Volk Religion,' and Antisemitism, 19th-20th Centuries," which was held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 21-23 October 1996.

    Among the topics of discussion were the neo-pagan reactions to the Jewish roots of Christianity, the "pagan" heritage of Nietzsche's philosophy, the place of antisemitic elements in the German "voelkisch philosophy" and the German "national religion," the cultural forms of Nazi neo-paganism, as well as current political and ideological aspects of neo-paganism and antisemitism in contemporary Germany and the Western world.

    The participants included well-known scholars from Germany, Israel, France, and the United States, the leading academic architects of the workshop being Prof. Hubert Cancik (Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tuebingen), and Prof. Dalia Ofer, Prof. Guy Stroumsa, and Prof. Moshe Zimmerman (all of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). 

The participants: