The Vidal Sassoon International Center
for the Study of Antisemitism

New Research Projects Approved January 1996

Eight new research projects were approved by the Academic Committee of the Center during its January 1996 session.
  1. Jews and Catholics in the German Empire

  2. Dr. Olaf Blaschke (Universitaet Bielefeld, Germany)
  3. Vienna's Antisemitic Legacy: Our Image of Gustav Mahler

  4. Dr. Kay Knittel (Seton Hall University, New Jersey)
  5. Antisemitism in Fascist Italy: Intellectual Origins of the Racial Laws of 1938

  6. Dr. Patrick Anthony Cavaliere (York University, Toronto)
  7. Arab Nationalism and Attitude toward Jews in Modern Iraq

  8. Dr. Nissim Kazaz (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
  9. The Image of the Jew in Ukrainian Painting

  10. Dr. Grigory Ostrovsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  11. The Construction of Antisemitic Discourse in Contemporary Argentina: 1974-1994

  12. Dr. Nora Strejilevich (Southern Oregon State College, Ashland OR)
  13. Antisemitism in Contemporary Hungary

  14. Prof. Andras Kovacs (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)
  15. Antisemitism without Jews: Current Perceptions of Jews and Antisemitic Attitudes among the Japanese

  16. Dr. Rotem Kowner (Stanford University)

Felix Posen Fellowships

(January 1996)

Ph.D. Students

MA Students Additional Grants for Further Research

Research Projects Completed